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As former Student Club presidents, both Caillie and Andrew understand how challenging cultural change is to implement. They sincerely want to support other students to implement change, challenge long-held traditions, and create more inclusive communities. I look forward to seeing them flourish in this new endeavour.
— Brenda Holt (Principal St. Hilda's College)
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Caillie and Andrew are change agents. Here are two proven leaders with complementary skills and approaches, working toward the same goal: ensuring that our homes, places of work, study and leisure are as respectful, safe and inclusive as possible. They are relatable, knowledgeable and passionate, and really know how to engage young people.
— Jake Workman (Dean of Students, Queen's College)
I’m proud to suggest Caillie and Andrew as facilitators of a respectful relations training program. Each have a wealth of knowledge about the issue of sexual assault on campus, and the importance of respectful relations, Andrew having served in a school program that aims to promote similar ideas. Above all, both have experienced, recently, what it is like to live at college. Both have been President of their Student Club, have served as pastoral care providers, have been responsible for communicating with staff leadership teams and have been part of organising their own training programs in O Week as well.

Communicating with young people can at times be difficult, but Andrew and Caillie are incredible and I look forward to seeing their commitment to help other students reign large.
— Alisha McLean (Past President of National Association of Australian University Colleges)
Caillie has been a women’s champion and driving force of change in college. As President, she was responsible for major changes to college traditions so that people of all gender identities were welcomed. Her advocacy helped create open conversations around really tough issues, and she provided help and support to many. Caillie isn’t afraid to take a stand for what’s right, and make a better college for all.
— NIAMH O'REILLY (Student)
I moved into college at the beginning of 2016, just as Andrew began to lead the cohort for that year. After just a few short days living at college I was already blown away by Andrew’s capacity to guide not only his leadership team forward, but also provide a broad understanding of the social issues that could affect us at college.
During his tenure Andrew was a champion of social change and momentum, and spearheaded several new initiatives that helped achieve these ends. He challenged potentially toxic events and behaviours, and brought a critical eye to the college’s culture.
Andrew’s legacy is best recognised through his implementation of a secondary team of pastoral care leaders at the college, further strengthening its support networks and community involvement. Andrew always used his leadership as a platform to champion social change. During his final address at Valedictory Dinner and our Annual General Meeting, he addressed issues of sexual assault and mental health and took care to be delicate, sensitive and respectful.
Over the time I have known him Andrew has always approached leadership sensibly and conscientiously. While at college he cared deeply enough for the community to inspire future leaders to do the same.
— Sam Williams (Student)